An Advocate for Quality Education



A Believer in SCS

Shante K. Avant is a native Memphian who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Master’s of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee.

After completing her studies she returned to Memphis with the belief that her beloved city had much to offer to her and she to it. She currently serves as Deputy Director for the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis (WFGM) and manages WFGM’s staff and operations. She has 17 years of non- profit experience, specifically with agencies focused on women and children.



Service Priorities

  • Implementation of cradle to career Academic Plan
  • Redesign and increase enrollment in College and Career Programs
  • Increased support to Teachers and Administrators for aligned instruction
  • Increased parental and community involvement


  • Supported increase in Pre-K seats
  • Advocated for the newly built Westhaven Elementary
  • Championed the formation of the Whitehaven Empowerment Zone
  • Chaired Procurement and Increased Minority Participation by 25% in the last year
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Stronger students.  Stronger community.


Early Literacy

We want to make sure that our kids are ready and prepared. 67% of our third graders aren't reading at their   grade levels and I want to work to change that.


College and Career Preparedness

We’re in the midst of redesigning our college programs. I believe this is a game changer for our students so that they’re ready to go into high growth and high wage jobs. These jobs will lead to career pathways.

Whitehaven Empowerment Zone


Parental and Community Involvement

I firmly believe that it takes a village to raise and educate our children. Our parents and community members are the backbone of our education system. 


Teacher and Administrative Support

Our teachers and administrators develop and mold our  children daily. They interact with the students and know the needs of our school system better than anyone else. They deserve to be supported and compensated adequately. 


Upcoming Events

To find out more about Shante Avant and how you can help, stop by one of her upcoming election events.